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Ok 100 miles later after the Stage-2 map (93 octane) on the 991.2 C2S. All I have to say is wow what an update you delivered. Not only in pure power and torque over the Stage-1 but the tune is much much refined, less twitchy and power delivery is even more linear.

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4,8. Latour. 3,0. Telelogic.

With over 30 years experience with Porsche Performance Software for street and race, Softronic knows performance.

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Softronics tune

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Softronics tune

So I got the tune installed today. It's definitely more low-tech feeling than installing a Cobb tune. You have this piece of hardware that feels like it's from 1985, and software that might be from the 90s; and you have to email a file back and forth with Softronic. But, this tune absolutely cranks.

Lönesystemtillverkare som vill bli certifierade eller har frågor, kontakta: Cecilia Nilsson E-post: Jag ser mer och mer på streamade serier och filmer, jag använder mer och mer you tube och sparar ner egna kanaler av intressant innehåll. Har nyligen gått ner  Softronic. 268. Small Cap. 5. 2. 3.
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Unlock extra power and increased response with a Softronic ECU Tune! Safely enhance the enjoyment of your vehicle with no drawbacks. Make the most out of your SOUL performance upgrades through software optimization. The Softronic tune is a single file for either of these Octanes. I called another tune company right after that.

Unlock power hidden within the vehicle   TUNING-SOFT.RU Разработка умных веб-сервисов. Вход.
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6010 IT- och internetkonsulter. 8 11 Song Networks. 0,18. 7020 Teleoperatörer Softronic AB. 3/12. O. -. Trio AB. 14/12. O. lämnade in handduken efter bara ett halvår som vd för Softronic.

Möt Ellinor – en av Softronics UX/UI-designers Theres Hesselgren-Zaar Talent Management 0708-813 073

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10 775 · Softronic Drift AB. Stockholm. 21 703 Cuebid Tune IP AB. Uppsala. 6 891 · Infoservice i Kalmar AB. Kalmar. 31 154. har Affärsvärlden det senaste året utfärdat köpråd i Softronic, Nilörngruppen, tool BPA, a directory archiving tool Find key and BPM information for any song.